Intel to invest $100B in Europe: Chipmaker Intel plans to invest $100 billion in chip manufacturing in Europe over the next decade.

Two new factories, one in Magdeburg, Germany and one in Catania, Italy: Intel will build two new factories in Europe, one in Magdeburg, Germany and one in Catania, Italy 

 7,000 new jobs: The investment will create 7,000 new jobs and support 30,000 additional jobs in the European semiconductor ecosystem.

Start production in 2025, two to five years earlier than originally expected: Intel's investment in Europe is a major boost to the semiconductor industry

 Address global chip shortage: The investment is part of Intel's efforts to address the global chip shortage.

Boost European economy: The investment is expected to boost the European economy and create a more resilient semiconductor supply chain.

Competition with TSMC: Intel's investment is seen as a way to compete with TSMC, the world's largest contract chipmaker.

Future of technology: The investment is a sign of Intel's commitment to the future of technology and its role in shaping the digital economy.