Apple is working on a foldable laptop codenamed "Jumbo", which could be released as early as 2024 or up to 2025 for last.

It could be released as early as 2024, offering a new era of portability and versatility, which is expected to be very popular and expensive but worth it! 

The 17-inch OLED display can be folded in half, making it as portable as a tablet and as versatile as a laptop.

It is likely to be powered by Apple's own M2 chip, providing powerful performance and long battery life 

It will compete with Microsoft's Surface Duo and Samsung 's Galaxy Fold, but it could offer a more polished experience.

Demand is expected to be high, as foldable laptops are becoming increasingly popular, which is a good sign for Apple!

The starting price could be around $3,000, making it a premium device, but it could be worth it for the features and performance!

It has the potential to revolutionize the laptop market, making it more portable and versatile than ever before.